Success Story: Mount Baker Theatre

September 15, 2014

To Whom it may concern,

I have been promoting live performances through Cascade Radio Group for over 10 years. Advertising with them is an integral part of my ongoing media campaign, and there is no doubt that this has had a positive impact on sales. One thing I especially value is the ability to tailor ad campaigns to the individual performance I’m promoting by choosing from a variety of radio stations with diverse listener bases. I can assess which listener base has the most overlap with our target audience, allowing me to concentrate my resources on the demographic most likely to purchase tickets.

Another element of my partnership with Cascade Radio is the outstanding production value they provide at no extra charge. They often offer a creative jump start and unique approach that gives the campaign a fresh feel. I particularly appreciate the work of Ron Warner, who produces the spots. His voice-overs and music integration are top-notch, and if I ask for a last-minute adjustment, he does it with a smile.

Most recently I have been impressed with the promotional campaigns that integrate new technology, specifically online and mobile campaigns. My business evolves, and Cascade Radio Group evolves along with me.

Kim Laskey

Deputy Director

Mount Baker Theatre