Success Stories: Hannegan Seafood & The Galley

What happens when a successful local business decides to kick things up a notch by advertising on the radio?

Big things happen!

Steve and Linda, the owners of Hannegan Seafood and the Galley, hadn’t advertised on the radio in decades. They’ve been in business in Lynden for twenty-six years and they recently thought: Why not try it again? They opted for an on-air advertising campaign on Classic Rock 92.9 KISM paired with a live remote—and they’ve been amazed by the response!

Steve and Linda were, in their own words, “completely blown away” by the volume of new customers discovering their seafood store and restaurant. The live remote was full of delicious fish ‘n chips, great giveaways, and lots of high-energy fun. By the time the remote had wrapped up, Hannegan Seafood and the Galley was on track for a record day—and Steve and Linda were true believers in the KISM community and the power of radio!