KBAI 98.9 FM / 930 AM


Format: Classic Hits
Positioning: Re-live your favorites every day on 989 K-BAY
Call Letters: KBAI
Frequency: 930 AM and in Bellingham on 98.9 FM
Website: www.989kbai.com


Age: 35-64
Gender: Female: 60% Male: 40%
18+ Audience Composition: 18-24: 10%     25-34: 13%     35-44: 18%     45-54: 25%     55-64: 21%     65+: 13%

Market / Format

Economically diverse market (high tech to heavy industry) the North Puget Sound area has been experiencing substantial growth for nearly two decades. Whatcom & Skagit Counties serve as the home to a major university, Pacific Rim service companies, software, aerospace and agricultural businesses. Also, the market economy is bolstered by traffic on the I-5 corridor traveling between Seattle and Vancouver BC.

Strategically positioned between regional favorites KAFE & KISM, K-BAY delivers an up-tempo brand of music to the Bellingham area on both AM & FM. K-BAY is a female friendly station with a strong 80’s base and features the best pop-rock hits from the late 60’s to the early 90’s K-Bay provides a station that serves it’s audience equally well at home, on the road or in the office.

KBAI is also active in the community by supporting a variety of community events.